1387 DBDS-AXA Project: Health and Environmental Awareness Rally

Pune, September 2021: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) held two Rallies under the aegis of COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Work Project supported by AXA Business Services.

First rally was organized on 9th September 2021 to create awareness on COVID-19 pandemic in Bermashel slum. 27 children participated in this rally. The children gathered in the community carrying placards with messages on creating awareness on prevention from COVID-19 and vaccination. The rally passed through the streets of Bermashel spreading the message on COVID appropriate behaviour.

Second Rally was held on 18th September 2021. 54 SHG women and children from Saibaba Nagar slums participated in this rally. The women and children gathered in the community at 11.00 am in morning where they were briefed by the project staff. From there they walked through the lanes of Saibaba Nagar and Chinchwad station road. In the rally, children and women carried placards with slogans on personal hygiene, cleanliness and safety precautions to be taken. After the rally soap and mask were distributed to all.