1578 Urban Slum Education Project: Creative activities for Children

Vadodara, September 2022: Following activities were organized this month under the aegis of ‘Urban Slum Education Project’ supported by Holy Childhood (Germany).

1) Teaching and learning of school syllabus: Regular classes were held every day in which the school syllabus was covered by the teacher.

2) Creative language development of children : Children were given Crayon, Pencil Colours, Sketch Pen, Ball and they were given the task of writing their name on a piece of paper and making a plaque. They were also trained in introducing themselves to others. Children were also guided in improving their listening and concentration skills of children

3) Identify the names of the small and large parts of the body: Children were taught to identify and name parts of human body with the help of a picture. Picture sheets were given to children for this purpose. Children enjoyed this method of learning by doing.