1405 DBDS-AXA Project: Mask Making Training for Women

Pune, October 2021: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) held a Mask Making training on 21st October 2021 for women from slums of Pune under the aegis of COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Work Project supported by AXA Business Services.

Mrs Rohini Jawalkar was the resource person. The objective of this trainings was to impart skills and knowledge for supplementary income to the families connected to this project. The participants learnt to make three types of Masks namely, Round Double Cloth Mask, Double Plate Mask and Triple Plate Mask. Mr. Nagsen Chavan took session on business development and management. He guided on marketing, costing, budgeting, pricing and branding of products. Roughly, the mask costs Rs 9 to Rs 12 to make and can be sold for Rs 15 to Rs 30 thus getting a profit of Rs 6 to Rs 18 per piece