1598 Skills Programme: Creative Ideas from Waste

Vadodara, October 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Vadodara organized ‘Best out of Waste’ Training for 20 boys from slums of Vadodara under the aegis of project supported by MIX FOR KIDS e.V (Germany).

Ms Manshi Yadav was the resource person. She took four sessions whose details are as follows:

The classes are held for about two - three hours every day in which both theory and practical are covered. This month children learnt to make golden glowing lotus and wall hanging. The children learnt to make design of items and practiced making golden glowing lotus and wall hanging. The process followed in making things is as follows:

1) Spoon Lotus

Materials: Spoon spray paint, cardboard, glue gun Diya (light)

Method: Take a cardboard measuring 5 cm and cut it into a circular shape. Then cut off the bottom of the spoon and stick it on the cardboard. Stick the spoons in a lotus shape. Then paint it golden and put a light in the middle.

2) Wall Hanging

Materials: Paper cups, tape, glue gun , water colour, colour paper, fevicol.

Method: Take four paper cups and apply water colours on them. Apply golden tape to the border of the glass and use a glue gun to stick the cups, then make flowers and grass from coloured paper and paste them inside the glass. Apply double tape to the back of the top cup and attach it to the wall.