1424 MGL Disha Project: Income Generation Trainings for women

Mumbai, November 2021: The Don Bosco Development Society organized two Income Generation Trainings for 57 women under the aegis of MGL Disha Project supported by Mahanagar Gas Limited.

First training was held from 19th November to 20th November 2021 on Laddu Making for 27 women. 11 different types of Laddus making process and techniques were taught to participants. Mrs. Surekha Meherwade and Savita Katve were the resource persons. Basen, Til, Resin and Gum, Groundnut, Motichoor, Amaranth, Ragi, Dryfruit, Puffed Rice, Flax seed and Gram Laddus were taught. Selling and Marketing of Laddus was also taught during the session.

Second training was held from 22nd November to 23rd November 2021 on Fast Food Making for 30 women. Mr. Raj Thorat was the resource person. He taught the process and techniques of making Veg Pizza, Non veg Pizza, Veg Sandwich, Non Veg Sandwich, Veg Pasta, Non Veg Pasta, Italian Maggi, 2 types of Milkshake, Mohito and Blue berries juice to the participants. He also shared the cost and profit potential in this business.

The details are as follows:

In addition to the above two programmes. Two orientation sessions were also held on “Career in LIC”. Mr Swaroop Dawankar and Mr Sudhir Bandelkar along with their team conducted 2 sessions on the process, exams and benefits of becoming LIC agents. Many women and young people in the slums are interested in becoming full time or part time LIC agents to increase their household income.