1752 AXA-DBDS Project: Rally on Climate Change

Pune, September 2023: The Don Bosco Development Society organized two rallies on the topic of health and water conservation under the aegis of ‘Women Empowerment Project’ supported by AXA Business Services.

 First rally was organized on 7th September 2023 at Darwade mala slum on the topic of water conservation. The objective of the rally was to create awareness on the depleting and polluting water resources in Pune. 45 children and adults participated in this rally. The rally began with a lecture session by Mr Nagsen Chavan. After that the participants went through the lanes of Darwade Mala carrying posters and Placards with messages on the importance and need to save water. After the rally snacks were distributed to all participants.

 Second rally was organized on 25th September 2023 on the issues related to the spread and control of Dengue fever and Malaria. 104 students and staff from PCMC Urdu Phakirbhai Pansare Primary School participated in this rally.  The school children gathered at their school playground at 9:30 am where they were briefed by the project staff. From there they walked through Telco-Bhosari, Spaco road, Mohan Nagar, Indira Nagar, Dutta Nagar and Mohan Nagar slum. In the rally, children carried placards with slogans on Dengue and Malaria fever causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prevention & its treatment. Children were very excited to participate in the rally and communicated their message to residents and commuters on the way. After the rally sumptuous snacks were served to all.