1589 DBDS-AXA Project: Adolescent Girls Health Awareness Sessions

Pune, October 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society, Pune organized three Adolescent Health Awareness Sessions under the aegis of ‘Health Care and Sustainable Environment Project’ supported by AXA Business Services.

First session was held on 14th October 2022 at Dutta Nagar slum in Chinchwad for 30 girls. Mrs Akshada Naik and Mrs Sarika Kadam were the resource persons.

Second session was held on 19th October 2022 at Indira Nagar slum in Chinchwad for 17 girls. Dr Prajakta Aswar was the resource person.

Third session was held on 22nd October 2022 at Kawadewadi slum in Pune city for 17 girls. Mrs Aswani Datar was the resource person.

The objective of the sessions was to educate adolescent girls on personal health, good touch, bad touch, hygiene and sanitation, menstrual cycle, diet and nutrition. The resource person spoke about physical changes, psychological changes, vulnerability to reproductive health risks, reproductive health rights, contraceptives, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual abuse, drugs and substance abuse, etc. Participants were also informed about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption. This was followed by a question and answer session in which the participants asked questions which were answered by the resource persons. After the session snacks were served to all along with distribution of hand wash soap.