1601 MGL Disha Project: Remedial Classes for Children in slums of Mumbai

Mumbai, November 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Mumbai is running 20 remedial classes for 504 children from the slums of Mumbai under the aegis of MGL Disha Project supported by Mahanagar Gas Limited.

The number of students keep varying as some students who join initially do not attend class regularly due to lack of interest. There are 504 students in these 20 classes. The social workers held meetings with parents and teachers in the school. Many of the students in these classes are referred by the school teachers as they are way behind other students and need extra attention from teachers. 20 visits were made by the Project Officer and Social workers. 20 meetings with parents were held on the progress of children.

Following chart shows the number of students from different slum areas who are attending these classes:

The details of students in each class are as follows: