1561 MGL Disha Project: Free Health Camp for people in slums of Mumbai

Mumbai, September 2022 : The Don Bosco Development Society organized Nine health check-up camps for 847 people under the aegis of MGL Disha Project supported by Mahanagar Gas Limited. 847 (120 male, 506 female, 93 children) patients were examined by doctors. The details of these camps are as follows:

The medical team consisting of experts from various hospitals like L& T Hospital, Tata Hospital, L& T Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Bachoo Ali eye Hospital examined the patients in these camps. B.P, Sugar and Temperature, oxygen level were measured for all patients. Patients were diagnosed to be suffering from, Joint pain, Fungal Infection, Common cold, Gastric Problem, Skin infections and anaemia.

The DBDS staff and volunteers from the slum were extremely helpful in logistical arrangement such as putting up chairs and tables, arranging water, visiting families in slums and informing them about the health camp and in managing the crowd. Local people were very happy with these health camps and praised the efforts of DBDS and MGL.