1513 AXA CR Week: Cyber Risk and Financial Planning Awareness for Slum Women

Pune : A Cyber Risk Literacy workshop was held on 21st June 2022 for women from various slums of Pune city. 34 women from various slum areas participated in this workshop. The programme was organized under the aegis of corporate responsibility week of AXA Business Services. Mr. Priyadarshi Teland and Mr. Vijay Barathe were the resource persons.

The workshop covered following 4 topics:

  • Cyber Secure financial transaction; use and misuse of UPI Apps

  • Confidential Information, PAN and Aadhar Card Linkage

  • Thumb rules on saving and investment, Ponzy Schemes

  • Investing in Small saving schemes to meet Financial Goals

  • Life insurance, risk cover, health insurance and investment in insurance products

The workshop brought to the notice of participants the kind of financial discipline they require while operating UPIs and online financial transaction. In a world where inflation is eating away the purchasing power of money, it is necessary that savings are invested in an instrument which gives better returns. A small and regular amount invested in a right instrument will create wealth for the investor.

The session on small saving schemes gave them the knowledge of the various saving schemes run by post offices and how saving in these schemes can create wealth for them. The session on insurance gave them knowledge of the health insurance schemes and difference between risk coverage and investment in insurance. The workshop ended on a positive note as participants were motivated to start investing in small savings to meet their financial goals.