1501 DBDS-AXA PROJECT: Legal Awareness Session in slums

Pune, May 2022 : The Don Bosco Development Society organized two legal awareness sessions for 62 women under the aegis of ‘Health Care and Sustainable Environment Project’ supported by AXA Business Services.

The details are as follows:

First Legal Literacy session was held on 14th May 2022 in Saibaba Nagar slum. 36 women participated in this session. Adv. Sandhya Phawde was the resource person. Second Session was also held on 17th May 2022 in Aaple Ghar slum. 26 women participated in the session. Adv. Priyadarshi Telang was the resource person. The resource persons covered following topics:

1) Protection of Women’s from Domestic Violence Act 2005

2) Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act – 1956

3) Dowry Prohibition Act – 1961 sec 498 A

4) Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of sex selection Act 1994)

5) The Criminal law amendment act 2014

6) Zero FIR, Free legal remedy

Resource Persons also explained women’s property rights, marriage and personal laws, divorce and their provision under law, maintenance, domestic violence, inheritance law, Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act etc. Relevant case laws were discussed. Few participants also discussed their problems and were guided accordingly by the resource person. The resource persons also encouraged women to speak-up their problems and act collectively.