1617 Urban Slum Education Project: Creative learning activities for Children

Vadodara, November 2022: Following activities were organized this month under the aegis of ‘Urban Slum Education Project’ supported by Holy Childhood (Germany).

1) Teaching and learning of school syllabus: Regular classes were held every day in which the school syllabus was covered by the teacher. Monthly teacher training and meeting was held to take review of the project progress and progress of children.

2) Learning about family and making family tree: Children were educated on family values and about various close blood relationships in families. These relationships were taught using a family three. Children were then given crayon, pencil colours, sketch pen, paper etc to draw their family tree.

3) Listening and articulating ideas: Children were taught to articulate their thoughts and feelings using mask and a story wherein they would play the role of the animal whose mask they wear. This activity was taken in every class. Children not only demonstrated their acting but also the use of meaningful words in building friendship. Children enjoyed this method of learning by doing.

4) Learning to introduce a friend: Children were taught to introduce their classmates sitting on their left and right. For this they were asked to collect information about their neighbour such as their name, address, likes, dislikes, siblings, school, favourite subject, favourite colour, ambitions etc. This helped children in identifying others with similar liking and disliking and in respecting other choices.