1555 Urban Slum Education Project: Creative activities for Children

Vadodara, August 2022: Following activities were conducted this month under the aegis of ‘Urban Slum Education Project’ supported by Holy Childhood (Germany).

  • Teaching and learning of school syllabus

  • Craft activities: Leaf work, Thread painting work, Rakhi making, Flag making

1) Teaching and Learning of School Syllabus: In the beginning of the month, planning was done for the whole month. The teachers took 2-3 hours of classes every day and covered the school syllabus.

2) Leaf Activity: 432 children from various classes were introduced to medicinal plants are its leafs. These leafs were Ginger leaf, Tulsi Leaf, Mango leaf, Nilgiri leaf, Papaya leaf and Ashoka leaf. The children were taught to identify these leafs and then they pasted the leaf on a sheet of paper.

3) Flag Making: On the occasion of Independence Day, 555 children participated in the national flag drawing activity.

4) Thread painting work: 405 children from various slum participated in the thread painting work. Children used water colour and paper sheets to make beautiful artistic paintings. These painting were abstract open to imaginative interpretation of children.

5) Rakhi Making: On the occasion of Rakshabandhan festival about 590 children participated in the rakhi making activity. Children were trained in making beautiful Rakhis. Children showed great enthusiasm in making Rakhis. The girls tied Rakhis to boys and the boys pledged to take care and protect their sisters.

Ms Jagruti Patil is the Coordinator of the project and is supervised by Fr Baptist Monteiro.