1697 AXA-DBDS Project: Free Health Camps

Pune, April 2023 : The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) organized three health camps for 162 people under the aegis of ‘Health Care and Sustainable Environment Project’ supported by AXA business services. The details are as follows: 

First health camp was organized on 11th April 2023 in Tadiwala Roas slum. Dr. Pooja Tamkute, Mrs. Anita Said, Ms. Tejashree Khalate and Mr Anand Misal examined 50 patients free of cost. 

Second health camp was organized on 13th April 2023 in Vidya Nagar slum.  In the camp Breast & Cervical Cancer screening check-up was done free of cost for 50 ladies. Dr. Trupti Dharpawar & Dr. Anuja Krusha examined the ladies for B.P, temperature, oxygen levels. Breast screening- CBC & IBE & HPPVDNA-Cervical Screening and oral screening test was done to ladies in 30-60 years age group.

Third health camp was organized on 25th April 2023 in Indira Nagar slum. Optician Mr Ganesh Shinde examined the eye-sight and vision of 71 people. 7 Cataract patients were identified for Cataract Surgery. People with defective eye-sight were given spectacles at a highly subsidized price of Rs.150 to 300 only. Few patients with defective vision were also referred to H.V. Desai Hospital for further treatment.