1674 AXA-DBDS Project: Adolescent Health Awareness Session

Pune, June 2024: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) organized two Adolescent Health Awareness Sessions for 36 girls under the aegis of ‘Women Empowerment Project’ supported by AXA GBS. The details are as follows:

First session was organized on 10th June 2024 at Dutta Nagar slum for 20 girls. Dr. Prajkta Aswar was the resource person. 

Second session was organized on 24th June 2024 at Tipu Sultan Nagar slum for 16 girls. Mrs. Vibhawari Kamble was the resource person. 

The objective of the sessions were to Equip adolescent girls with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health, Promote awareness and prevention of health risks, Encourage healthy habits and lifestyles, Foster an environment of support and open communication.

The focus was on several key areas:

Personal Health, Hygiene, and Sanitation:

Importance of maintaining personal hygiene.

Best practices for sanitation to prevent infections and diseases.

Menstrual Cycle:

Understanding the menstrual cycle.

Importance of menstrual hygiene.

Addressing common myths and misconceptions about menstruation.

Diet and Nutrition:

Balanced diet essentials for adolescent girls.

Nutrients vital for growth and development.

Dietary habits that support overall health.

Physical Health:

Regular physical activity and its benefits.

Managing physical changes during adolescence.

Tips for maintaining physical fitness.

Gender Equality:

Understanding gender equality and its importance.

Encouraging equal opportunities and respect for all genders.

Mental Fitness:

Importance of mental health and well-being.

Strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and other psychological changes.

Building resilience and self-esteem.

Reproductive Health:

Changes during puberty and adolescence.

Awareness of reproductive health risks.

Information on contraceptives and their importance.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs):

Awareness of common STDs.

Preventive measures and treatment options.

Sexual Abuse:

Recognizing signs of sexual abuse.

Steps to take if one is a victim or knows someone who is.

Importance of speaking out and seeking help.

Substance Abuse:

Risks associated with drugs and substance abuse.

Strategies for prevention and seeking help.

Harmful Effects of Tobacco Consumption:

Health risks linked to tobacco use.

Encouraging participants to avoid tobacco and other harmful substances.

The resource person addressed their queries, providing further clarity and guidance on various issues. Snacks were distributed to all participants, creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere.