1438 Urban Slum Education Project: Review Meeting with Teachers

Vadodara (Gujarat), January 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) is running 25 classes under ‘Urban Slum Education Project’ aimed at assisting marginalized and deprived children from slums of Vadodara financed by Kindermissionswerk (Aachen, Germany).

A review meeting was organized to understand the progress of children and new COVID-19 guidelines for school and educational centres. In the meeting, each teacher presented a teaching framework to be followed based on the Educational Department’s guidelines in competing the school curriculum.

The teachers shared the progress of children and the syllabus covered by them. They also shared the challenges faced by students in their studies. Teachers were given new black board, colour crayons, register, white paper, Fevicol, chalk, slate, slate pen, plastic sheet, duster etc to assist them in teaching.