1454 DBDS-AXA Project: Health Awareness Sessions on Cancer, COVID-19 infection and Vaccination

Pune, February 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Pune organized three awareness session on physical and mental health, Cancer, COVID-19 Vaccination and Arogya Setu APP under the aegis of ‘Health Care and Sustainable Environment Project’ supported by AXA Business Services. 69 women participated in these awareness sessions

The objective of the programme was to educate women on health, hygiene and health risk behaviour. First session was held on 9th February 2022 in Ajanta Nagar slum. Mrs. Akshada Naik (DBDS Coordinator) and Mrs. Sarika Kadam were the resource person for the first workshop. In the first part they educated women on the physical and mental health and its relationship to sanitation. In the second part of the session they spoke about the safe and effective birth control methods. After that they covered the topics on risks of consuming tobacco. This included educating them on the harmful effects of tobacco on body and mind, oral cancer, lung cancer and many more health problems associated with it.

Second session was held on 11th February 2022 in Bermasel slum for 27 women. Mrs. Jyoti and Mrs. Rupali Pethe were the resource persons. Following information was given in this session:

  • Government guidelines on COVID-19

  • Registration through Arogya Setu App

  • Vaccination Drive by Municipal Corporation for COVID-19

  • Testing, screening and treatment of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer

This was followed by question and answer session in which ladies asked many questions related to their personal health.

Third session was held on 23rd February 2022 in Mother Teresa Nagar, Yerwada. 25 women participated in this session. Mrs. Nandita Devi and Ms. Khandagele were the resource person for this session. They gave information on the prevention, detection and treatment of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer. Hand wash soap was given to participants after the session.

The details of sessions conducted is as follows: