1657 Skills Programme: Tailoring Skills for girls  

Vadodara, April 2024 : The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Vadodara organized Tailoring Skill Training for 21 girls from the slums of Vadodara under the aegis of project supported by MIX FOR KIDS e.V (Germany).

Ms Nitu Yadav was the instructor. She took two sessions whose details are as follows:

This month the students learnt to make Princess blouse, plain frock and umbrella frock.  Creating a Princess blouse involve cutting the fabric according to the pattern, then stitch the pieces together, focusing on details like the neckline and sleeves. Add embellishments such as lace or buttons for a decorative touch. For a plain frock, cut and sew the fabric, ensuring clean lines and a comfortable fit. Embellish as desired, perhaps with a belt or pockets. Lastly, for an umbrella frock, select a flared pattern and fabric with good drape. Cut and sew the fabric, paying attention to the flared shape. The instructor first taught the cutting on a newspaper and then on actual cloth. After the design is cut on the clothes, it is stitched following the instructions given by the instructor.