1673 Urban Slum Education Project in Vadodara

Vadodara, May 2024: The Don Bosco Development Society organized an Edutainment camp during the summer vacation for 600 children under the aegis of ‘Urban Slum Education Project’ supported by Manos Unidas, Spain. 

Following activities were conducted during the special summer camp aimed at educating children about various topics, including seasons, Indian currency, measurement instruments, and national symbols. The camp provided an engaging and fun learning environment, enhancing the children's knowledge and creativity.

Activity 1: Understanding Seasons

The children gained a comprehensive understanding of the different seasons and their characteristics. The drawing activity reinforced their learning and allowed them to express their understanding creatively.

Activity 2: Learning About Indian Currency and Measurement Instruments

The children learned about Indian currency and how to identify different notes and coins.

They understood the various instruments used for weighing and measuring different items.

The drawing activity helped them visually identify and remember the different scales and instruments.

Activity 3: Introduction to National Symbols

The children were given an introduction to the following national symbols:

National Anthem: Jana Gana Mana

National Animal: Tiger

National Flower: Lotus

National Bird: Peacock

National Sport: Hockey

National Fruit: Mango

National Flag: Tricolor

National Emblem: Three Lions

The children gained knowledge about India's national symbols and their significance.

The children thoroughly enjoyed these activities and showed enthusiasm in learning about their national heritage. The summer camp successfully achieved its objective of educating children in a fun and engaging manner.