1624 AXA-DBDS Project: Climate Change Activities

Pune, February 2024: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) organized three climate change activities under the aegis of Women Empowerment Project supported by AXA Business Services. The project team at Chinchwad organized an educational visit to Science Centre. 23 children from the slums visited the Science Centre in PCMC. It was an exhilarating experience, igniting their curiosity and passion for science. The vibrant exhibits engaged them in a world of discovery, making complex scientific concepts accessible and fascinating. From hands-on experiments to captivating demonstrations, the children were enthralled by the immersive learning environment. The experience was not just educational but also a celebration of the boundless curiosity that fuels the spirit of scientific inquiry in these budding minds. At the end of session snacks distributed to all.

 The project team at Koregaon Park organized two tree appreciation visits for 40 girls in two batches of 20 each. The girls were from Bahujan Hitay Girls Hostel and they visited the Don Bosco garden to explore the lush greenery and vibrant blooms where they learned about diverse ecosystems, plant life cycles, and the importance of biodiversity. Dr. Shrinath Kawade (P.hD- Botany) was the resource person.  The visit not only enriched their understanding of the natural world but also instilled a sense of responsibility towards environmental conservation. A tree was also planted By Fr Ian Doulton (Rector-DBYC) on this occasion. At the end of session snacks distributed to all.