1618 Skills Programme: Football Coaching for Children

Vadodara, November 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS), Vadodara is providing football coaching to 50 children from Snehalaya and various slums in Vadodara. This event is organized under the aegis of Skills Programme funded by the Mix For Kids e.V (Germany).

Football coaching is provided for 5 days in a week in the evening. In this month following skills were taught to children:

Body mechanics and control of body

Body position and balance, tracking ball

Aggressive and positive mentality

Try to get behind the defender

Shoot at any half-chance.

Change of direction and speed

Deception; make sure the attacker dribbles directly at the defender.

Have the player “fake” by stepping over the ball, having a hard step, stutter-step, dragging a foot ,dipping their shoulders, faking a kick, or using their eyes to look in a direction opposite of where they are going.

Every day children are given refreshment which include fruits, eggs, milk, nuts etc.