1639 Urban Slum Education Project in Vadodara

Vadodara, March 2024: The Don Bosco Development Society organized three activities with children under the aegis of ‘Urban Slum Education Project’ supported by Manos Unidas, Spain. The objective of the activity was to introduce children to various types of vehicles and enhance their understanding of transportation modes, including those that move on land, fly in the air, and navigate through water.

 Activity Details:

 Introduction to Different Types of Vehicles: The session began with a brief introduction to different types of vehicles, including land vehicles such as cars, buses, and trucks; air vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, and spacecraft; and water vehicles such as boats, submarines, and jet skis. Children were encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences related to vehicles.

Discussion on Fuel Used: Information about the fuel used in land vehicles, such as petrol, diesel, and electric power, was provided to the children. The concept of alternative fuels and their importance in reducing environmental impact was also discussed, fostering awareness about sustainable transportation. The Teacher also explained the technological advancement made in vehicle technology over time. The teachers highlighted improvements in vehicle design, fuel efficiency, safety features, and environmental sustainability.

Art Activity: To reinforce their learning, the children were engaged in a creative art activity where they were asked to draw pictures of vehicles based on their preferences and imagination. They were provided with coloring materials to bring their drawings to life. This hands-on activity encouraged creativity and expression while solidifying their understanding of different types of vehicles.