1540 Urban Slum Education Project: Pencil Peel Art for Children

Vadodara (Gujarat), July 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) is running 25 classes under ‘Urban Slum Education Project’ aimed at assisting marginalized and deprived children from slums of Vadodara supported by Holy Childhood (Germany).

369 children participated in the pencil peel art work activity in their classes. Children were given pencils, sharpener and glue for this activity. The teachers first demonstrated the correct method to get thicker and longer shaving. The children collected the pencil peel for 15 days and used it for making art work using colours. Children used their imagination and creativity and made beautiful pots, doll, tree, fruits etc with the feel obtained from the pencil. This activity was taken in different classes and in different places. Children enjoyed the activity and were happy to share their art work with others.