1467 Schöck Family Foundation Education Project in Mumbai City

Mumbai, March 2022: The Don Bosco Development Society (DBDS) is implementing the education of poor children in Mumbai under the aegis of project financially supported by Schöck Family Foundation, Germany.

Every day 3 hours’ physical classes are conducted for the children. The teachers cover the school syllabus in these classes and also hold sessions on life skills. Drawing, painting, craft, games, festival celebrations etc are also held regularly. The details of children benefited by this project is as follows:

Teachers have undergone many trainings on various topics such as classroom management, personality development, communication with children, teaching methodology, teaching learning material, psychology etc. The details are as follows:

Every month test and evaluation is conducted by the teacher and feedback is given to parents. Thanks to Schöck Family Foundation, many children have reported improvements in the learning outputs and they enjoy the classroom activities.